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Next Level bliss

Oooohhhhmmmmygoodness. What is this feeling?! 


When taking your first sweet, soul-affirming bite of a Cookie BonBite, something
washes over you – a feeling that can’t put into words. Only experienced. 


With one bite, you’re snapped back to the best moments of your childhood,
immersed within the brightest colors of your imagination, landing on
a whole ‘nother level built on Cookie BonBites. 


It’s an all-encompassing sense of sheer euphoria. Of next level bliss.
Of pure Bonlightenment.

And now, nothing will ever be the same.

FOCUS Brands
Francisco Vargas, Creative Director
Megan Chang, Content Creator/Art Director
Kellie Dickinson, Senior Copywriter

Susana Tafur, Art Director
Fratelli Studios
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